Traffic Policy

Traffic rules are those that seek to moderate how the facility is interacted with. These might include things like, “only one person at a time,” “skate within your limits,” and “make sure the coast is clear before you go.” In most regards, traffic rules are similar to onerous behavioral rules in that they are unenforceable, likely to be ignored, and may jeopardize the authority of more critical regulations.

Skateboarders know how to skate. They’re at the skatepark to be challenged by the terrain and, as a result, hone their growing skills. The last thing skateboarders need advice on is where, when, and how they should interact with the facility’s structures.

Like behavioral rules, traffic rules do more harm than good in that they undermine those rules that are truly important. By mixing the important, enforceable rules with vague platitudes and patronizing advice on how to use the skatepark safely, the net result is that (at least some of) the rules can be openly mocked. That’s a poor way to start a collaborative agreement between the skateboarding community and the City.

Thankfully, rules like this are a dying breed. They should be avoided in your next skatepark.