Skatepark Operations Overview

Skatepark operations include the activities and services that are designed to improve the facility’s value to the patron. Most operational matters are neglected by Parks Departments and the skateboarding community during the skatepark’s development, or the discussions are presented tentatively due to the more pressing issues of fundraising and location.

At some point before ribbon cutting, a serious discussion should take place about how the skatepark will be managed. These discussions, if handled openly between the City and the skateboarding community, can help support the collective vision for a positive, sustainable recreational space. Without these discussions, communities are unprepared and discussion can delay a solution.

Some operational challenges:

What happens if the skatepark is too crowded? What are the symptoms? How can it be remedied?
What can a community do to prevent the skatepark from being a showcase for graffiti?
How are younger skaters introduced to the space comfortably and safely? Do we need beginner areas or hours?
How does one create an effective volunteer stewardship program that Parks Maintenance can support?
How do we host skateboarding classes, workshops, and demos?

There are a host of other operational concerns. The important thing is that the skatepark advisory committee and the City keep these topics in mind as the skatepark project advances.