Skate Classes

For decades skateboarders have learned to skate through practice and persistence. Beginners are often introduced to skateboarding by a friend or relative, and something about it clicks. In recent years, skateboarding classes have become popular ways of introducing beginners to the activity. What better place to learn how to skate than at the skatepark?

Skateboarding classes provide innumerable benefits.

Skateboarding classes introduce beginners to skateboarding with an emphasis on safety. This helps reduce injuries among those that are most at risk.

Administrative Presence
Skate classes help Parks Departments remain actively engaged in the facility and with its patrons, and can provide a good channel of communication between Parks staff and the broader skating community.

Youth Leadership
Teaching skateboarding is perceived as a noble responsibility by many skaters, and there should be no shortage of volunteers willing to provide this service. Encouraging this mentorship role can be pivotal for youth that may be struggling in other ways.

Specific instruction for outlining and implementing classes at your skatepark is too broad a subject to include here. However, there are several organizations that are willing to work with your community. Skaters for Public Skateparks, in partnership with Drop In To Skateboarding, offers skateboarding instructor accreditation. Their services have been used in communities across the nation. You can learn more at

The Drop In accreditation program provides expert instruction on matters such as instructor-to-student ratios, best practices for safety, equipment, and offers curriculums you can tailor or use “right out of the box.”

Do not rush into skateboarding classes without first consulting those with experience. Without proper safeguards, injuries or accidents during skate classes can put program sponsors at risk. That said, skateboarding classes are rapidly gaining ground as a popular way of activating the skatepark. Skateboarding classes fill up quickly and many Parks Departments that offer them enjoy waiting lists. When the educators are volunteers, these classes consistently pay for themselves.