It’s important to provide basic human services for your park patrons. The consideration of providing restrooms for skateboarders should be handled the same way as it might be for softball players, or any other visitor.

Restrooms are expensive to produce. Permanent structures can easily double the cost of skatepark construction, and maintenance will be required for the life of the structure. As a result, skateparks should be located in areas where restrooms are available.

Most skateparks meet their needs by being located near fast food restaurants, gas stations, or other buildings with public restrooms. (Granted, they may not be happy about it.) Parks facilities that already have restroom facilities are good candidate sites for skateparks.

When no existing restroom is available, leasing a portable toilet, replete with its service contract, will be less expensive than creating a permanent facility. A basic portable toilet rental should be about $140 per month, or approximately $1,600 per year.