Your new skatepark deserves recognition. You put in hundreds of hours—even years—to see the skatepark open. You faced a few challenges that you thought might kill the project but you persevered and were victorious.

And, along the way, you made good decisions! Your new concrete skatepark has qualities that other communities are envious of.

Your new skatepark…

…represents a successful partnership between local youth, the public, and government.
…helped transform a group of teenagers into community catalysts.
…forged a cohesive community out of local skaters.
…taught everyone involved about capital improvements and community activism.
…introduced you to fellow skatepark advocates across the nation.
…is a permanent, low-maintenance facility that will serve generations of residents.
…is uniquely designed to reflect your community.
…is the envy of the region.

You join the elite ranks of skateboarders that have survived skatepark advocacy!