Skateboarding Crib Sheet

Types of Skateboarders

Some of the skateboarders in your town will be casual or infrequent skaters while others will be “core” or habitual skaters. Core skaters are those individuals that skate at least once a week, on average. Casual skateboarders ride infrequently or use a skateboard primarily for transportation, (not tricks). All skateboarders are important and will help reinforce your message about the new skatepark. For example, 40% of longboarders also ride a traditional street board. Just because a person in your community would not use a skatepark immediately, they are likely to become interested in that style of skateboarding after the park is built.

You can learn a lot about the people in your community based on market research. Of all skateboarders, 45.2% ride their skateboards at least once a week. Of all skaters, 77.1% are male.

Skateboarding Crib Sheet (based on 2010 Census)

Population of the United States: 308,758,105
Population of youth in the U.S. (≤18 years old): 74,101,945
Number of skaters in the U.S.: 9,000,000
Number of skateboarding youth in the U.S.: 6,300,000
Number of adult skateboarders in the U.S.: 2,700,000
Percentage of all Americans that skate: 2.9%
Percentage of American youth that skate: 8.5%
(Percentage of youth that don’t skate: 91.5%)
Percentage of American adults that skate: 1.1%
(Percentage of adults that don’t skate: 98.9%)

Number of female skaters: 2,070,000 (23%)
Number of male skaters: 6,930,000 (77%)

Number of “core” skaters: 2,520,000 (28%)
Number of “casual” skaters: 6,480,000 (72%)

Number of skaters that also ride longboards: 3,600,000 (40%)

U.S. Skaters by Age:
12 years old or younger: 3,600,000 (40%)
13 — 17 years old: 2,700,000 (30%)
18 — 24 years old: 1,170,000 (13%)
25+ years old: 1,530,000 (17%)