Skater Census Example

Let’s look at a random American city to try these numbers out. We’ll use Denver, Colorado but you’re welcome to replace Denver with your own town:

We’ll need information from the US Census website. If your community has less than 5,000 residents you won’t find it listed on the US Census. You can find information for small towns on instead.,00

According to the US Census there are 600,158 people living in Denver.

24% of people living in Denver are under 18; 76% are 18 or older.

This means that 144,037 people in Denver are under the age of 18.

We know that 8.5% of all youth skate, and that there are 144,037 youth in Denver, so…

12,243 Denver youth skate.

(144,037 x .085 = 12,243)

If we want to know the total number of youth and adult skaters in Denver, it’s even easier:

600,158 X .029 = 17,402

We now have everything we need to create a crib-sheet for any town.

Denver Population: 600,080

Percentage that are under 18: 21.5%
Number of Denver youth: 129,017

Number of skaters: 17,402
Number of skateboarding youth: 10,966

While these figures are only averages, they are supported by governmental and market research. There are no statistical sources that will refute them, so they are great numbers to present to your community and local leaders as you talk about who the skatepark will serve.