Understanding the Skatepark Process

The skatepark development process can be broken down into four major stages.

  1. Community Organizing
    Build community support and establish a network that will be interested in the skatepark.
  2. Site selection
    Find a location
  3. Fundraising
    Gather the money
  4. Design and Construction
    Hire the people to build it

Each stage has lots of parts. Each stage, and the parts within them, will eventually blur together as your project matures. In other words, raising community awareness includes building a working relationship with your local government as well as telling people about the skatepark project. Later, as you begin to look at different locations for the skatepark, you will still be raising community awareness and strengthening your relationships with local government; finding a location will be your focus, but doing those other things will continue to be a part of your activities.

Though the process of getting the new skatepark supported, approved, and paid for, you will become busier and busier with it.

The lessons in this study guide will provide most of the information you’ll need to get the best skatepark in the least amount of time.

Although ever skatepark project is different and has unique, there are a few practices that are universal and critical to your success:

  • Be organized and take good notes
  • Stay positive and relaxed
  • Do the work

When you begin this process there will probably be more things that you don’t know than things that you do know. As you build experience advocating for the new skatepark, you’ll begin to see the balance shifting. Eventually you’ll become a local expert on skatepark development. Every community with a skatepark has someone that learned everything about creating skateparks and they are often eager to help out. Getting to know the skateparks in your region and the people responsible for their creation is a great exercise for you and your group.