The Skatepark Oath

  1. The skatepark will be free to use.
    We affirm that no agency, institution, or individual will charge money or require waivers to use the skatepark, and that the facility will remain as unrestricted to use as any other local park in the area.
  2. The skatepark will be made of concrete.
    We assert that no wood or steel surfaces structures will be considered, (except for rails and coping).
  3. The skatepark will be accessible.
    The location of the skatepark will be within a mile of the neighborhood in which it is meant to serve and be available to residents and non-residents, without registration. The skatepark will be open for use during normal park hours.
  4. The skatepark will be designed and built by experienced professionals.
    We acknowledge that strict qualifications to determine who is hired to design and build the facility is a fundamental requirement for producing a sustainable, successful facility.
  5. The skatepark’s design will be enhanced by community involvement.
    We declare that public workshops will be conducted to identify the types of structures that will be most engaging for our local community.
  6. The skateboarding group will assist in building community support and fundraising.
    We recognize that involving the skateboarding community early will produce lasting benefits.
  7. The skatepark will be public.
    We are committed to producing a facility that will be owned and operated by governmental agency, and that its operational policies will have a reasonable degree of public oversight.
  8. The skatepark will be unique.
    We declare that one or more elements in the skatepark will be unique to that facility.
  9. The skatepark will be attractive.
    We know that a skatepark that is aesthetically pleasing will be healthier and more widely accepted as a benefit to the community at large.
  10. The skatepark will have inclusive policies.
    We recognize that the more people will be allowed to use the skatepark, the more successful it will become.
  11. The skatepark will have a low fence or no fence at all.
    We understand that fences send the wrong message to skatepark visitors and the broader public.
  12. The skatepark will be large enough to significantly improve local service.
    We know that a skatepark that is much too small for the current need will struggle to succeed.
  13. The skatepark will offer diverse terrain for different styles, skills, and interests.
    We are committed to a facility that meets the needs of most skateboarders.
  14. The skatepark will be completed within a reasonable amount of time.
    We recognize that a reasonable development cycle is essential for the facility’s success, and that the skatepark is intended to serve this generation of skateboarding youth.
  15. The skatepark will be awesome.
    We are committed to creating a facility that the whole community will be proud of.