Wrapping Up Fundraising

Here are some things to review while you raise skatepark funds.

• There is money in the world.
• Pick up every nickel.
• Funding is a group effort.
• Build and maintain relationships.
• Share the successes.
• Shout out your donors (when it’s appropriate).
• Share fundraising responsibilities with the Parks Department.
• When one type of source isn’t delivering, redirect your attention.
• Focus on events that have broad public appeal.
• Don’t rely on an angel donor or the skate industry.
• Solicit advice while you solicit funds.
• Stay positive!

At the conclusion of your fundraising effort, you will close your bank account and present the cashier’s check to the Parks Department (or whoever is managing the skatepark construction project). This should be a big press event and celebrated by your community. Bring lots of people out.

That concludes your fundraising campaign! You’ve finished the hard part.