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Welcome to your one-stop shop for all skatepark development guidance and information.

This site is for anyone interested in getting the most out of their next skatepark. Advocates will find everything they need to articulate and present their skatepark vision to their local governments. City administrators will find cost estimates and optimized developmental scenarios. Youth advocates will find data, reports, and editorial on the impact of skaetparks in a community. Anyone curious about skateparks will find typologies, data, and innovative ideas captured by these misunderstood recreational facilities.

The skatepark information found here is categorized into five sections. Each section represents a developmental stage. Understanding this structure is useful for finding the information you need, when you need it. If you are just starting out with your skatepark project, we recommend that you start with the first chapter, Vision, to understand where to begin and how to organize your project into a viable community investment.

Chapter Head 2 Vision
Every skatepark starts as an idea. This section will help you construct a skatepark vision that will work for local skateboarders and the broader community. Start with Vision if you are just beginning your skatepark project.

Vision Introduction
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Skatepark Averages in the USASkatepark Adoption ModelCommunity Concerns

Chapter Head 2 Advo
No skatepark has been created without the commitment of a passionate advocate. This section will help you create an effective advocacy strategy. Jump to this section if you are ready to present your skatepark vision to the public.

Advocacy Introduction
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The Skatepark PlatformSite SelectionMeet the Opposition

Chapter Head 2 Fund
Skateparks cost money, and money is often scarce. This section provides instruction on how to prepare for and perform a successful fundraising campaign.

Fundraising Introduction
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How Much Do Skateparks Cost?Fundraising StrategyNonprofits and Fiscal Sponsors

Chapter Head 2 Desgn
Nobody ever intends to create something that fails to meet expectations. This section provides information on avoiding and overcoming obstacles to the perfect skatepark.

Design Introduction
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Factors of Skatepark DesignDesign and Construction ProcessEnsuring Quality

Chapter Head 2 Mgmt
Grand Opening is the first day of your skatepark’s life. The health of the new facility depends on how the park is cared for. This section provides information on caring for your skatepark and creating programs that help it succeed.

Management Introduction
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Designing for PolicyProblematic PoliciesBMX and ScootersHelmet Policy