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Dozens, if not hundreds of people created the experience and wisdom found on this site. It would be impossible to list everyone but there are a number of people that proved indispensable and significant contributors.

Chad Balcom for never being afraid to take an unpopular view.
John Bracken for finding a clever way out of almost anything.
Mike Donelon for his cutting-edge leadership.
Kent Dahlgren for his ability to focus a herd of cats.
Carter Dennis for staying the course no matter what.
Chris Gilligan for being smart in all the practical ways.
Jim Gray for first throwing this idea out there.
Tony Hawk for his immediate and unwavering support.
Mike Leeds for his model tenacity.
Tom Miller for his leadership and always being one step ahead.
Paige Prindle for her excellent eye for detail.
Scott Shinn for his analysis and contribution to systemic skatepark planning.
Ty Smith for his ability to be everywhere, all the time.
Miki Vuckovich for his vision and unparalleled wisdom.
Teresa Waters for her diligent and unpleasant research.
Peter Whitley for relentless iterations.
Ben Wixon for his epic contributions to skateboarding education.
Our kindred spirits in the trenches of skatepark advocacy! Keep pushing!

International Association of Skateboard Companies
Skaters for Public Skateparks
Tony Hawk Foundation

And our friends at
Bike Riders Organization
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Girl Riders Organization

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